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When it came time for Landon to choose his Make-A-Wish trip he picked 3 places he wanted to visit. His top trip choice was to go to Moline, Illinois and visit the John Deere tractor factory. When John Deere heard about Landon's request they didn't hesitate and started planning the best trip Landon would ever take. 

Upon arrival at the first hotel stay we were welcomed by a gift in the room gearing Landon up for the first of 3 days he would never forget! The next morning we went down for breakfast and met up with 2 of the sweetest women and were soon on our way! They had a surprise Hummer Limo waiting, complete with strobing party lights and country music, to take us over to the factory. Once we arrived at the factory, we were met by another wonderful group of men and women who we would spend the day with. SuperMan even made time out of his busy schedule to stop in and meet Landon and our family! We were given our safety glasses and noise blocking ear phones and off we went. As we loaded up with our travel team and started our tour, we were met with both sides of the aisle full of employees waving to Landon, they were holding signage welcoming us, wearing SuperMan t-shirts, and cheering for him!!! They had signs made saying #LandonStrong hanging from the ceiling and as we made random pit stops along our way. They created so many gifts for him out of the same metals and colors they use for the John Deere Tractors. There were so many "hands on" set-ups for Landon to do they even included his little brothers Liam & Oliver.  They had stations set up to show them how to apply the tractor sticker number, impact drill race, and a hydraulic simulator. Our factory tour showed us everything that happens to create a tractor from beginning to end. At the end of the tour Landon got the honor of lowering a fully made tractor to the ground for its first time. We were met with another gathering of their employees who were so excited to meet Landon and our family. They were so generous with their gift giving that an 8'x12' pallet had to be loaded on a tractor-trailer and delivered to our home some states away from Illinois. 

We did a tour of the John Deere tractor museum. This was very informative about how they were first made and how much technology has really been used to create a more powerful and efficient tractor for farmers. Landon was also the Grand Marshall for the Heritage Parade. We rode in the first car, which was a convertible with a car magnet on the side that had a hand drawn picture of Landon on it! He even got to drive one of them for a moment!! We met so many wonderful people who touched our hearts and lives in so many ways that are indescribable. We can not thank them all for how much this trip meant to Landon!!


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