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LandonStrong Foundation was created in honor of our son Landon. He was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in June 2014. After his initial tumor removal surgery he started radiation in August to his brain and spine for 30 consecutive days. He then started his year of chemotherapy that September. He went in for his one year brain and spine MRI and they found new areas of concern that would later be confirmed "recurrence". He fought resiliently for 4 years. Having multiple surgeries, blood infusions, platelets, IvIg infusions, immunotherapies to rebuild his immune system, lab testing, MRI's, CT's, X-rays and this is only naming a few things he endured during his 4 year fight. He was always smiling no matter what he was going through. You could ask him after a surgery how he was feeling and he would say "I'm good". He is why we do what we do. 

During his treatments he decided he wanted to start a lemonade stand. He said to me "I want to do a lemonade stand but when you do something like that, you don't keep the money. You give it away." He didn't skip a beat when I asked him where he wanted the money to go. UVA Child Life helped us so much during his office visits and hospital stays. They had anything he wanted down to his specifics, up to a mobile Wii station that could go from room to room. We are proud to donate the money we raise from the lemonade events to UVA Child Life.

Landon was such a bright light to everyone and he was always willing to help anyone no matter his situation. What started as a vision of a lemonade stand is now a foundation built on his want to give back. 

John W. Mason: Co-Founder/Dad             Sarah M. Ayers: Co-Founder/Mom           Willie L. Ayers: Co-Founder/Bonus Dad                      

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